Advantages for buyers

1) Simple and Lifetime Licensing. All types of the licenses can be found on our licensing page.

2) Fair treatment to authors. We treat our authors with the respect and integrity that they deserve. We do not reserve author exclusivity; it means that authors can sell their music tracks also on other marketplaces. We are giving fair commissions to each author after his/her music is sold. We do not change commission rate whether the author is exclusive or not. Every author is a talented and hardworking musician who deserve fair treatment for hard work and sleepless nights, which he/she put into the music creation.

3) Easy to prove your rights for your purchased music tracks with a license certificate. You can download it in PDF file for every purchase you made. This certificate proves your rights to use the music according to which license you chose.

4) There are no any additional fees to P.R.O. (Personal Rights Organisations) or any other organizations.

5) Support on a personal level. We are the small company which is authentic, transparent, personal and respect every customer. When you require any assistance we will try to help you on an individual basis. Do you have a question or suggestion? We would like to hear it from you at

6) No other legal obligations when you use the music.