What is Royalty Free Music?

Royalty Free music licenses give the right to use copyright music without the obligations to pay royalties for recurring use. This is a big advantage as it simplifies music licensing by removing the need to deal or otherwise negotiate licensing fees with the PRO’s (Performance Rights Organizations). Royalty Free is the type of the music license that allows the buyer to pay ONLY ONE-TIME PAYMENT for the music license and use the music as long as the license allows. There are different Royalty Free license types, which might differentiate by audience type (Youtube, vlog, podcast,..) and/or the number of listeners (limited to a certain amount or unlimited), etc.… When you are interested in our license types, you can find it here.

Most confusing part is that Royalty Free music IS NOT FOR FREE, it is free of royalty fees/charges. A lot of people are confusing by this part, but it is simple – You pay only once for Royalty Free music. And you do not have to pay any additional fees to any organization when using the music.

Why are people buying royalty free music when there is plenty of totally free music?

Royalty free music is very popular among many individuals an companies. Especially when it comes to getting the music for their projects, videos (Youtube/Vimeo/Twitch), podcasts, movies, games or ads. This way there is only one-time purchase payment and no other legal obligations or re-occurring fees. Other benefits of totally free music are as follow:

  • Royalty free music is in a lot of cases music of higher quality than the ones which is free.
  • Royalty free music which is purchased can be modified, manipulated or combined with other music or work. (This is valid for music purchase on AudioPacket, please double check terms and conditions before purchasing on other marketplaces).
  • The person or company that buys the music wants to have a legal contract (license) for using the music.
  • The company or person wants to use the music for commercial projects.
  • The person or company wants to attribute the artists for their hard and quality work.