Choosing the right license for your project is the key!

All AudioPacket music is royalty free that allows the purchaser to pay for the music license only once and to use the music for purposes as license allows. With our simple licensing you can choose your license according to your project need.

15,000 copy limit.
Ideal for personal use or small companies.
Single end product/project with 15,000 copy limit.
Single Youtube/Vimeo video up to 15,000 views.
Unlimited end products/projects
Youtube/Vimeo video (UNLIMITED broadcast audience)
Local TV/Radio/Online advertisements (within your state)
Social Media Vlog
Audio Podcast (UNLIMITED broadcast audience)
Radio Show (UNLIMITED broadcast audience)
Audio Book
Music on Hold
Corporate and Business videos
$< 229
Unlimited end products/projects
Music For Movies & Film Trailers
Global TV/Radio/Online advertisements
Phone/Web Application
Music For Software
Music For Video Games
Live Event Advertising
Social Media Advertising

Did not find your use case? Try to take a look on examples below. If that does not help then any worry, we are here to help you – contact us to and we will help you with choosing right license for you.


1) I just started my Youtube channel and I am thinking to buy music from AudioPacket marketplace. Which license is right for me?

Answer: When you are going to use music track only in one Youtube video and there will be up to 15.000 views, then you can go with Basic license. On the other hand if you buy Standard license, then you do not have to watch number of viewers at all and you can use purchased music track in your other videos as well.

2) What does it mean “Local” for TV/Radio/Online advertisements?

Answer: Local for TV/Radio/Online advertisements means within your state. When you are from San Francisco then “Local” means state California and you can go with Standard license. When music is used in TV/Radio/Online advertisement in other US states, then you have to go with Extended license.

3) I am professional Youtuber with very popular channel and every my video has a lot of viewers.

Answer: Correct license for you is Standard. You do not have to watch number of viewers of your videos at all and you can use same music track in your other videos as well. By the way congratulations to your channel popularity! 🙂

4) I am Movie production professional and I am planning to use one track for multiple movies. Can I do it with one Extended license?

Answer: Yes, you definitely can. License type is Royalty Free and one Extended license is perfect for you. Your movies can be global (international) and can have unlimited audience