About the music track

Dramatic score – it’s an epic dramatic song, with piano theme as a core of the whole track. This song is divided into two parts: in the first one only the piano with the addition of an orchestra sounds, in the second part there are added mega horns and percussion. This part is brighter and more epic. You can use these parts separately or as a whole composition. This song used a lot of mega horns, winds, vocal samples, inspirational ensembles. Beautiful harmony, deep spicatto and massive epic percussion creates dramatic and really inspirational mood. Perfect for cinematic slideshow, dramatic video, powerful presentation and epic montage. This action composition will give your project a new and fresh breath.

  • 15,000 copy limit. Ideal for personal use or small companies. Single end product/project with 15,000 copy limit.

  • Unlimited end products/projects, Youtube/Vimeo video (UNLIMITTED broadcast audience), Local TV/Radio/Online advertisements (within your state), Social Media Vlog, Audio Podcast (UNLIMITTED broadcast audience), Radio Show (UNLIMITTED broadcast audience), Audio Book, Music on Hold, Presentations, Corporate and Business videos.

  • ALL STANDARD LICENSE USES CASES, Unlimited end products/projects, Music For Movies & Film Trailers, Global TV/Radio/Online advertisements, Phone/Web Application, Music For Software, Music For Video Games, Live Event Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Documentaries.

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Looped Audio No
Audio Files format wav
Bit rate (kbps) 1411
Total length 2:40
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