Audio Packet is based on a royalty-free stock model. This means that when you sell an item on Audio Packet marketplace, you’re granting the buyer a license to use that file in certain ways, but you retain ownership of the item and can sell as many licenses as you want. Once you upload an item, it can be purchased ten times, a hundred times… there is no limit!

Everything you sell as an author on Audio Packet must be your own original content. If you use any assets that are owned by someone else, you must have a license that grants you permission to use and resell them.


  • The items you upload for sale must be your own creation. Do not submit works based on tutorials or other people’s designs.
  • You must have the rights to license the items you upload, either because they are your own original content, or because you have a license that grants you permission to resell any third-party assets included with your item.
  • If you believe that anyone on the Audio Packet has copied one of your items or is otherwise infringing upon intellectual property rights, please report this behavior to Help Team.
  • Do not buy your own items or engage in other conduct with the intention of defrauding Audio Packet or other authors.
  • Everything uploaded to Audio Packet should be appropriate for commercial sale.
  • Items which you want to sell are not registered in any P.R.O. (Performing Rights Organizations). We are working on accept P.R.O. as well, but currently we are not – please stay tuned. If you do not know what is P.R.O., then likely your music is not registered there.