Who we are:

We are a small company from the heart of Europe (Slovakia). We are Royalty Free Music marketplace since in May 2018. So we are young and full of energy to change royalty free music market. Also, we provide value for customers with very good quality music at a reasonable price and at the same time, we are returning back to authors fair commissions. We honestly listening to feedback from customers and also from authors to continuously improve our services. Please join us today on our journey.

Our vision and philosophy:

We would like to differ from other marketplaces with being transparent, authentic, personal and open to feedback. It takes a lot of time, talent and sacrifice for authors to create quality music. So, for this reason, we are treating them with the respect, fairness, and equality. We do not reserve author exclusivity; this means that authors can sell their music tracks also on other marketplaces. We give fair commissions to each author after his/her music is sold. We do not change commission rate whether the author is exclusive or not. Every author is a talented and hardworking musician who deserve fair treatment for hard work and sleepless nights, which he/she put into the music creation.

Proof of purchase and your rights to use music:

After your every purchase, you can easily download PDF documents proving your rights to use the music items:

  • 1) A License PDF file contains information like License Type, Licensor’s Author Username, Buyer’s full name, Music Item URL, date of the purchase and most importantly unique License Key. You can see an example of the license file here.
  • 2) An PDF invoice containing all legally required information about the purchase. You can see an example of the invoice here.


Company Name: Mirai s.r.o.
Address: Karpatská 4, 97411 Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, Europe.
Business Identification Number: 51 155 770

Contact Us:

Sales Team at sales@audiopacket.com
Support Team at support@audiopacket.com